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What Is Salt Lake City Like In The Summer?

06-6-2022 | Local Area | 3 Min Read

As Utah relocation experts and all-around avid advocates for our beloved hometown, one question we’re asked left, right, and center when the warmer months come around is “what is Salt Lake City like in the summer?”

Whether they’re asking about the climate, real estate market, entertainment scene, or just want our advice on some of our favorite local pastimes, there are lots of reasons why we’re consistently asked about what Salt Lake City is like in the summertime. That’s why we decided to cover it all in one comprehensive blog post here.

So, if you’ve found yourself recently wondering what Salt Lake City is like in summer, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

The Climate

In terms of Salt Lake City’s summer climate, you can expect the temperatures to be high and the air to be dry. Despite the city being located next to the Great Salt Lake, SLC’s arid desert locale and surrounding Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges means the city almost has its own unique micro-climate.

According to the Köppen climate classification system, SLC’s climate can be classified as a dry-summer continental climate (Dsa) because of its hot and dry conditions. And when we say hot, we mean hot — expect temperatures to regularly rise up to nearly 100°F in the mid-summer months.

The Amenities

While Salt Lake City summers can quickly turn into scorchers, there are still lots of great local amenities that thrive in the summer heat. Between Salt Lake City’s vast collection of appealing restaurant patios, the Downtown Farmers Market, the Tracy Aviary, and the iconic City Creek Park, there are so many local amenities that are best enjoyed when it’s warm out.

Or, should you feel like heading indoors to take a break from the heat, there are plenty of other indoor amenities too. Check out Salt Lake City’s Downtown Library and the City Creek Mall for lots of summer fun at less intense temperatures.

Our Favorite Activities

Although shopping and dining out can be done at almost any time of year, there are some Salt Lake City activities best done when the city’s at its warmest. If you’re like us, you look for every opportunity to get outside and take advantage of all the outdoor activities our abundance of natural amenities provide.

Along with SLC’s plethora of local hiking trails, there’s also a seemingly endless supply of mountain biking routes across the surrounding mountain ranges, all perfect for summer exploration. For something a little more thrilling, the white water rafting scene near SLC is also a hotbed of activity in the summer.

The Entertainment Scene

It’s not just our wide range of extreme sports that offer visitors and residents of Salt Lake City a thrill come the summertime — when it comes to live entertainment, SLC doesn’t disappoint either.

Make sure to catch a show or live performance under the summer stars at the Red Butte Garden’s outdoor stage the next time your favorite artist is in town. You can see who’s planning on stopping by via their upcoming concert series here — just don’t forget to bring along your cooler and picnic basket!

Or, head over to the home of the Claret and Cobalt at the Rio Tinto Stadium to see Real Salt Lake, our city’s professional Major League Soccer team, play their next match up close.

Are you considering a move to Salt Lake City? As local Utah relocation experts, you can depend on us to help you settle in and find the perfect home for you here. To get started, simply contact us here today.

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