1. New to Utah?

We know how daunting moving to a new city can be–but we also know how to make the process seamless! Our team’s relocation services have been designed specifically for those who need an immersive education on the area before they make the big move.

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2. Finding Your Neighborhood

Whether you know exactly where you want to live next or are still weighing your options, we can provide you with a local’s look into some of Utah’s top neighborhoods, from Salt Lake City to Park City and beyond.

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Park City Guide

3. Starting Your Home Search

When you have a career and other responsibilities on the go, finding listings and viewing properties can be difficult to fit into your schedule. We value every moment of your time and will make this process as efficient as possible by:

  • Previewing homes for you
  • Curating a selection of the best available listings
  • Arranging neighborhood tours so you can get a first-hand look into potential communities.

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Trusted Local Knowledge

You may be buying your first home, upsizing, or downsizing into a space that better fits your lifestyle. No matter your motivation, our team’s attention to detail and first-hand knowledge of Utah’s housing, neighborhoods, and amenities can help you find the perfect place to call home.

Expert Care & Counsel

Over the last 20+ years, our team has helped countless buyers purchase a home that fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle. With Julia’s decades of real estate experience and Kate’s legal background, our buyers know that every decision they make and agreement they sign has been vetted by an expert. Learn more about our full-service team.

Always Here to Help

Need a recommendation for a local service, store, or restaurant? Just ask us.
Wondering what school is best? We can share our first-hand experiences.
Looking for a new bike trail to explore? We’ll show you the way.

We’re just a call or email away to provide you with advice on all things Utah.

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