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Should I Move To Salt Lake City In 2021?

06-18-2021 | Buying

Whether you’ve been following real estate industry trends closely over the past few years or not, chances are you’ve been hearing quite a bit about the general trend of people moving out of big cities as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s true, the promise of more space and bigger homes at a lower cost per square foot in less population-dense communities has won over a lot of new buyers. Whether they’re trying to protect themselves from the spread of the COVID-19 virus or just finally ready to leave the hustle and bustle of bigger cities, many homebuyers are looking at listings in smaller towns.

Whether Salt Lake City’s population of just over 200,000 people seems big or small to you, we’ve undeniably seen a direct increase in the number of new residents here. So, if you’ve caught yourself wondering “Should I move to Salt Lake City?” recently, you’re not alone.

To help figure out if a move to Salt Lake City is right for you, here are a few key questions we can help you answer in order to figure out if the beehive state is where your next home should be.

Does Salt Lake City Have More Outdoor Space?

For those looking to escape cramped downtown cores in search of easy access to spectacular natural amenities, breathtaking vistas, and daily outdoor adventures, there’s almost no city in the country better suited to that lifestyle than Salt Lake City.

Whether you’re an avid skier, a daily hiker, an adventure-seeking mountain biker, or just love being outside, there’s space aplenty for you to practice your favorite sports and hobbies within minutes from Salt Lake City.

If you love to get outside, there’s a seemingly amount of opportunity to do so living in SLC. And, as the city is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from many world-class ski resorts, the action doesn’t stop when the cooler months come along.

Is Salt Lake City Vaccinated?

Many of those who have recently been fleeing larger cities in favor of less populated ones are doing so because of a lower likelihood they will contract COVID-19. In larger cities with bigger populations, the chances of interacting with someone who has the virus are, conceptually, higher.

However, while Utah’s total population is in the six-figure range, those wondering if they should move to Salt Lake City can take solace in knowing that statistically, Salt Lake County has some of the highest vaccination rates among all other counties in Utah.

And that’s not just for single doses — that accounts for citizens of Salt Lake County who are now fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

Is Salt Lake City Still In Lockdown?

One of the biggest motivating factors for people to move out of big cities has been the lust for bigger, more spacious homes. Why? Well, when an entire city and all of its appealing amenities are forced to close down, a small apartment or home can begin to feel a whole lot smaller.

While many cities and states across the country are still imposing restrictive lockdown limitations and orders, Salt Lake City and the State of Utah have almost completely reopened. Aside from schools, almost all restrictions on residents and businesses have been lifted in Salt Lake City in response to the declining COVID-19 case numbers.

So, if you’ve been wondering if you should move to Salt Lake City, you can have little-to-no fear of being forced to stay inside by restrictive government mandates.

Are you thinking about making a big move to the beautiful Salt Lake City? Our team of local real estate professionals has helped countless people relocate to Utah, and can help you make Salt Lake City your new home too. To learn more about moving to Salt Lake City, contact us here.

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