Home Inspections - Are They Necessary?

Home Inspections – Are They Necessary?

02-12-2022 | Buying | 4 Min Read

The short answer: Yes.

The first thing to do once you are under contract on a new home is to address the topic of inspections. So what is a home inspection, and is it necessary? 


A home inspection is necessary for you to become an informed buyer

Our professional advice is that everyone should work through inspections on any home they are considering purchasing, because it is only through the process of an inspection that you can truly become informed about the home you are purchasing. 


When do I complete an inspection? 

In Utah, home inspections are performed during the Due Diligence period, which is typically the first 10 days or so after you’ve secured a contract on a home. 


So what exactly is an inspection, and what does it cover? 

Almost all homes start with a general inspection, which is completed by a licensed inspector who does an overall top-down inspection. They will look at the heating and cooling system, the roof condition, the electrical panel, and assess your foundation. They will crawl in the attic and take a look at the amount of insulation, check for termites, leaky pipes and water damage. Inspectors can also test for meth, mold, radon and other contaminants. 

Once you’ve had a general inspection, some buyers want to dig a little deeper about a specific item relevant to their home. For example, if the home is part of an HOA, this is the time to review the financials and contact the HOA board. Talk to the city about any zoning questions and reach out to neighbors to get a real feel for the community. 

If you need any contractor or service bids, this is the time to bring them in, whether you are remodeling the kitchen, replacing windows, or looking at new landscape. 


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How do I know if I’ve inspected all that I should inspect? 

This is where the experience and expertise of your agent can really help guide you along. Each home and neighborhood are different and we can guide you with insight and industry experience to help you address all possible areas of inquiry. 


Bottom Line: Do your homework and make a confident decision. 

Gather all the information about the home, and decide if the home is right for you. 

Buying a home in Utah and looking for a Salt Lake City or Park City agent who can meaningfully guide you through inspections and provide real insight and valuable information? Give our team a call. Inspections and the time for buyers’ due diligence is critical. We will help you utilize this time and gather the information you need to be an informed buyer. 

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