Buying a House in Utah

5 Essential Steps to Buying a House in Utah

12-4-2020 | Buying | 3 Min Read

Whether it’s to take advantage of Utah’s stunning natural landscape, spend more time pursuing your favourite outdoor hobbies, or because you’ve landed a new job in our rapidly-expanding tech industry, there is no shortage of reasons to move to beautiful Utah.

However, moving to the Beehive State can come with its own unique challenges, and with today’s ever-changing real estate market, it’s always advisable to seek help when learning about how to buy a house in Utah.

To start you off on the right foot, we’ve put together a useful guide on just that. Read through our five essential steps on how to buy a house in Utah to feel even more confident Utah is where you belong.


Determining Your Budget

The first step any new homeowner needs to make before buying is determining what they can spend on a new home. That starts with getting pre-approved for a mortgage, which can be done via your personal banking institution or an alternative mortgage lending company.

At the time of writing, our Salt Lake City and Park City housing markets have never seen such a hot selling market. Due to an enormous spike in recent demand for Utah homes, house prices are continuing to climb month-over-month. This means finding a qualified real estate agent to give you an inside advantage in helping you find your ideal Utah home is all the more important.


Picking a Neighborhood

Lots of people dream of moving to Utah to live close to nature and live an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. But not everyone in Utah owns a mountain bike or pair of skis. Depending on your occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle, your life priorities could be suited to a number of different neighborhoods — another reason to contact a knowledgeable local real estate agent.

To get a better sense of where you might be best suited, read up on some of our favorite neighborhoods within Park City, Salt Lake City, and the University of Utah on our individual community guides:


Finding the Right Help

While driving around your ideal neighborhood looking for “For Sale” signs might be a fun way to spend an afternoon, getting the help of an experienced local real estate professional is highly advisable, especially in Utah.

Utah is one of the few non-disclosure states within the United States. This means that sellers are not obligated (or even asked) to disclose the recorded sales price of their home to Utah county public records.

So, in order to get an accurate reading on what Utah homes are selling for, not to mention find the homes actually available for sale, you’ll need the expertise of a local real estate agent.


Start Looking for Homes

Once you’ve found a certified local real estate professional to help you on your Utah homebuying journey, the best way to find homes for sale is through their collection of featured listings.

Settle on a few key characteristics like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need, which neighborhood you want to live in, and specific household amenities you need to help narrow your search. Then let your chosen real estate professional guide you through what’s currently available on the market.

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Get a Home Inspection

Getting a professional home inspection is one of the crucial last stages before you buying a home in Utah. Understanding your new home’s structural integrity before you move in could end up saving you a fortune in renovation and maintenance costs.

A professional home inspection will analyze your potential new home’s overall current condition and major systems and will identify any pre-existing issues within the interior and exterior of the building. Ensuring things like your home’s heating and cool systems, structural integrity, water or pest damage, and plumbing and electrical systems are all up to code will give you the peace of mind you need ahead of your real estate purchase.

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If you can’t wait to start planning your move to Utah, don’t wait to get the help of a local real estate expert either. Reach out to us here to get the real estate guidance you deserve ahead of your big move.

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